Product features

1.Higher output power

a.+5W tolerance

b.Solar modules are assembled by high-quality cells 

c.Runda uses ultra clear tempered glass with high transparent and high mechanical strength

d.PID free


2.More stable and reliable quality

a.Water-proof level of junction box can reach IP67 with water-proof performance

b.Maximum mechanical load capability is up to 8000Pa.

c.Runda pass salt mist corrosion protect and ammonia resistance certification, solar modules are suitable for installation on seaside, farm, desert, and etc. 

d.Runda solar modules pass IEC61215 performance test and UL1703 safety test to ensure solar module can run in harsh condition.

e.Water-proof junction box and bypass diode can reduce hot spot caused by shade on surface of solar panels in order to protect solar modules from damage.

f.Runda solar modules are more reliable because fire-proof level can reach C grade, which are identified by UL and TUV.

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